Pyrolysis is a well­‐known process whereby organic matter is incinerated in a high temperature process in the absence of oxygen whereby both an energy rich gas and a liquid calorific fuel is generated. Both the gas and the fuel can be used as fuel in turbines for power and heat production. When functioning well, this process creates a whole array of benefits including;

  • Elimination of waste with the byproduct being ash and solids
  • Generation of cheap power and heat, where the heat can be used for leachate evaporation or other purposes
  • The possibility to set up small, local grids fuelled by a local waste stream such as municipal waste or waste from industries such as wood working industries

Vireo has developed a concept for small‐scale power generation and leachate treatment through pyrolysis in Russia, together with the Dutch turbine manufacturer Opra and Russian technical integrator MES. The combined solution allows for cost efficient power generation and leachate treatment in the range between 1.5 and 20 MW of power. The first reference project of MES and Opra project is being implemented during 2019 and when technically verified, Vireo plans to roll out this concept in multiple geographies.