Vireo Energy takes first step into Polish agricultural biogas

Over the last 12 months Vireo Energy has been actively pursuing a number of biogas opportunities in Poland. In July 2012, we concluded the purchase of the company Biogazownia Miesiaczkowo Sp z.o.o. through which Vireo Energy AB and Unifreeze Sp. z o. o. will construct a biogas plant. The biogas plant, which will be Vireo’s first in Poland, will be situated adjacent to Unifreeze’ production site in Miesiączkowo near Górzno, central Poland and will be operated by Vireo. For Unifreeze the biogas plant will allow them to replace the use of fossil fuels for thermal energy production with renewable energy and also provide a sustainable offtake for their organic waste products.

The biogas plant will have a capacity of 0.99 MWe, and will sell power to the local grid and supply heat to the Unifreeze’ neighboring plant. The biogas plant will utilize agricultural waste materials from the local area, as well as corn silage. The digestate (left over organic material from the biogas process) will be returned to local farmers as an ecological fertilizer. Construction of the biogas plant is expected to start in first half of 2013.

Vireo’s target is to develop a number of similar projects in Poland and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe in the next few years.