Gas recovery system installed in Rusko

Vireo Energy has completed the first stage of a gas recovery system to collect the gas on the regional landfill in Rusko near Wrocław. The passive system was installed as part of an agreement between Ekologiczne Centrum Utylizacji (ECU) Sp. z o.o. owned by Veolia Uslugi dla Srodowiska and Vireo Energy Polska Sp. z o.o. As a result, ECU will fulfill environmental requirements which oblige the owner of the landfill to utilize landfill gas, a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

In the first stage the gas extraction system consists of gas collectors and a piping system. The technology allows to “blow out” the condensate in order to maximize the operational reliability of the plant. The gas extraction system includes specially developed condensate traps and uses automated gas analysis to optimize the flow of landfill gas from the wells. The installation meets the highest international standards and is a good basis for a renewable and environmentally friendly energy system.